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About me.

I'm Clyde Louison, wedding photographer specializing in elopement and engagement photography, working mainly in Mauritius.

My style is natural and artistic, I like to capture candid moments throughout the day: if you laugh, I'll capture, if you cry, I'll capture that too. As an artist, I will do my best to capture every beautiful and emotional moment for you.

I love raw emotions and the connection between people. Even posed photos, I prefer to capture them in a natural and joyful way. You will get your editorial, romantic, creative, and natural photos, I will capture your relationship and your personalities in the most enjoyable way with relaxed intimate moments of both of you.

I'm very friendly, easygoing person and make sure everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. I expect the unexpected, I stay relaxed in any situation and I adapt easily! I'm very organized and creative, making sure you get all the important shots you want for your wedding and even more. I never limit the number of images for your engagement shoot or your wedding day and I artistically edit each image in your gallery with my unique style.

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