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Deep into the History of Mauritius...

Overlooking the 'Historical Ruins of Balaclava', a national monument dating back to the 18th century, the Citron river and the stunning Turtle Bay, the 'Château Mon Désir' and its surroundings are a tribute to the Mauritian history which took place in Balaclava, homage to the beautiful nature and the power of elements.

Discover the History of 'Turtle Bay' and the 'Historical Ruins of Balaclava' during your stay at Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius. Two historical sites respectively recognised as a national monument and the first protected marine park of Mauritius.

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"Photograph by Clyde Louison"

The line between pool and ocean is so fine it gives the impression that the Infnity Pool simply merges into the ocean and by stretching the arm one could easily reach the water…

Fitted with a superb wooden deck and comfortable sunbeds it is the ideal place for suntan and relax. The view on the northern islands is spectacular.

"Photograph by Clyde Louison"

Designed by architectural mastermind Jean Marc Eynaud and designer David Edwards, Constance Prince Maurice is where style, space and architectural designs create the perfect hotel lifestyle.

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"Photograph by Clyde Louison"

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"Photograph by Clyde Louison"

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